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Couch Concern

January 19, 2013

Wanted to push the couches together to watch a movie. The scope was to have as much cuddle space as possible and allow the dogs to get up and down at their leisure.

The layout is as follows:

Couch 1

Normally the couched would be put at a “v” like so, but doesn’t now allow for snuggle room at all. Or they would be pushed to-gether, side by side, but you would  get this (top view):

Couch 2

This configuration would not allow for the dogs to get up and down during the movie, which they so often do. This results and whining, the occasional bark, disrupting enjoyment of the film.

Thus the final configuration would be a juxtaposed and slight shift in the alignment (again, top view):

Couch 3

Fetching snacks is the final step. Woof.



Projector question

January 17, 2013

There was a friend of mine that wanted to install a projector in his son’s room so he could watch movies. Normally this would be suspended from the ceiling per the layout of the room. However, given the boy’s age I wondered how he would jump on his bed without injuring himself.

At first I thought perhaps mounting it in the upper corner of his room, angled to the far wall. But again it may have been hit by a stray ball or other flying object given the playful nature of the inhabitant.

Finally I settled that it must retract so as not to pose any undue hindrance to fun.
I have found such a design here:

Retractable Image Projecting System